Thursday, February 27, 2020

Boreas Takes Charge!!

Boreas, god of the north wind
Has a cool message to send
To those thinking winter's done
Better wait a few days, son
With a big ole trough in control
Most of USA, is in for deep cold
Now, at the tire house with solar gain
It's toasty warm, so I can't complain
But, when you venture outside
You quickly feel boreal air slide
All around, removing heat
Out of wind, sun feels sweet!
So, wait a few to shear March lamb
But, by Wednesday heat will slam
North, pushing cold away
Every return now a shorter stay
We're 3 weeks away from spring
Tilt & sun will do their thing
Today On Earth

Only 21 quakes today
Other than down PR way
2 at mag. 5 on Mid-Atlantic ridge
Lava oozing, movin' plate a smidge?
Volcano list with 20 this week
Ring of Fire, both sides on freak
From Mexico's Popo down to Chile'
El Salvador, Peru, Ecuador blasting away
Aleutians, Kamchatka & Japan
Philippines' Taal, avoid that island
Indonesia & PNG with eruptions
White Island still causing disruptions
Earth still, just doing its thing
Rocks breaking, volcanoes blasting
Today On Earth

Off Earth, tonight in the southwest
Tell me, is the view not the best
Venus with the crescent moon
Will have my camera set up soon
Even dark part of moon will glow
First explained by amazing Leonardo
Check out Earth or Da Vinci shine
Cold, no clouds, view will be fine
Sunlight off Earth does reflect
To nighttime moon to cause effect
Bundle up it will be so worth
Tonight, just off Earth
Can see moon & Venus
Right Now (3:52)
Block sun, there they are!!

About to say goodbye to my old friend
Fred, the Wonder Truck, going to send
My old pickup to a new home
Bet I will soon see him roam
The roads & highways roundabout
Will it start, never a doubt
Gonna get the love it deserves
Stopped right here because I heard
Fred, roaring, outside
Ready for rehab and we'll see
Show truck it deserves to be
Happy Days
On Earth!!