Monday, September 16, 2019

One Day Heat Up - Big Rain For Texas

While Humberto sits safely off the coast
Texas could get a Harvey-like toast
Our High pressure has system stalled
So, no-go storm could leave SE Texas mauled
Rain forecast from now to Thursday
Lone Star state in drought today
Could soon be in a flooded way
That High pressure bringing South the heat
But, pushing Gulf low into a slow retreat
We get a break tomorrow with a front
Giving one day heat wave a gentle bunt
Then we'll get some Fall-ish cool
But, heat not done, don't think that, fool!!
By first day of Fall, this weekend
Summer 90's will get a re-send
Get used to your new warmer world!

Today how about a look at space
Or into atmosphere around our place
Air above offers major protection
Absorbing, blocking, causing reflection
Tree gap just let sunshine through
Heating my hands and keypad, too
All ok, window glass blocks UV rays
It's why you can't tan in sun room bays
Ozone up in the stratosphere
Also, helps keep UV outta here
Now that we've stopped ozone destruction
By changing bad aerosol production
We're at a solar minimum this year
Little sunspot production, sun is clear
But, sunspot storms disrupt cosmic rays
That can mess with Earth in bad ways
Couple that with weakening magnetic field
We get an Earth without much shield
We know our magnetic field will do a flip
Compass needle will take southern trip
When will it happen? We don't know..
What'll happen? We'll have to wait for show!
Just a reminder Sun & Earth in charge
And, while we're down here living large
It's from scientific study that we know
And, only from that will we grow
Increasing the chance of human survival
Ain't coming from a mystic revival
Study & testing will the truth reveal
Superstitious beliefs only conceal
The power hungry con still in play
Fighting reality every day
Resist, learn, revel in facts
Everyday we're under attacks
From idiots, fools, unwilling to think
7.6 billion of us, all closer to the brink
Of a major adjustment, a crash
We can avoid it, solutions aren't rash
But, better happen soon
Like, tonight go check out the moon
It's waning but still Harvest moon big
Rising 'bout 9, in Pisces, tonight's gig
Cuz if you get out, checking your world
New thoughts & ideas might get swirled
You might be the one that flips the switch
Helps scratch a bad human itch
Go on, give it a try
We can't continue to turn a blind eye
Or evil slime will continue to grow
As history does constantly show
Fight the bad, be the good
I need a walk in the wood
To find a dog, check things out
And, battle spider webs, no doubt
It's all good, I know the rules
Take a stick, swat spider ghouls
Today on Earth

Solar wind sneakin' thru cracks today
That appear when Earth in less tilted way
Way up in our atmosphere
Can let Auroras glisten clear
Not a big day of quakes
Central China got the shakes
Cali, Kansas & OK, too
San Andreas or frackin' clue
Wooo, cheap oil
Ahhhh, continue our Earth soil
If you choose greed
Over reality of need
You get what we got
Fewer fed, more people shot